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6 Advantages of Using TVs in the Waiting Room

For any establishment that has a waiting room, the shorter the time the customer has to wait for service, obviously, the better. However, it is often inevitable that there will be some delay and the customer will have to wait a few minutes to be served.

But what may be seen as just a problem for some, can be treated as an opportunity for others. Currently, people's time and attention is one of the most valuable assets for companies and this waiting period is a great time to communicate with them.

Therefore, an excellent way to carry out this communication is through TVs installed in these environments, reproducing the establishment's own programming .

TVs in the Waiting Room

The objective is not to make the customer stay in the waiting room longer, but rather, to transform those torturous moments of boredom into a more pleasant, light and perhaps even enriching experience for the user.

And this is even more critical when we are talking about hospitals, clinics or medical and dental offices or any other health care center.

In these cases, patients generally become more anxious, stressed and distressed waiting for their turn to be seen.

By using TVs in the waiting room with their own videos, it is possible to reduce anxiety and the perception of waiting time through entertainment, institutional videos, educational content, among others.

See below 6 advantages of using TV in a waiting environment

1 – Modernizes the Environment

The reception room and waiting room are the first contacts that the customer has with your establishment. Therefore, there are essential elements for these spaces. A beautiful, organized, well-lit and modern environment will make a great first impression.

In fact, this first contact can influence the customer’s perception of the quality of the entire service provided by the company.

2 – Reduces the feeling of waiting

The TV in the waiting room provides entertainment for the customer, preventing them from thinking about the wait itself. The reduction in the perception of waiting that TVs can cause reaches up to 35% .

3 – Offers Entertainment

Newspapers and magazines are guaranteed presences in waiting rooms, right? And it has to be that way, as many people like to read in these environments and expect to find printed material there. The good thing about magazines in a waiting environment is that they are usually very current, at most from the last month… but not, right?!

The TV in the waiting area, in addition to diversifying the ways of entertaining the user, can display content linked to an RSS feed. This content updates automatically and can be from major news portals. At this point there are several other options as well. From films and documentaries to something more visual like Cirque du Soleil shows. It depends on what pleases your audience most.

4 – Inform

And it's not just for entertainment that the TV in the waiting room can be used. It is also possible to display informative content, such as the establishment's other services, opening hours or the most frequently asked questions from customers.

5 – Reinforces the Company’s Image

And why not use this channel to brand your establishment? Institutional videos showing employees and the company's processes, in addition to demonstrating professionalism, will make customers feel closer to the team.

6 – Education and Health Promotion

In health care centers, the period that users remain in waiting environments is an excellent opportunity to promote health.

Displaying content with tips and relevant information about the business's area of activity will be a differentiator offered to the patient. Furthermore, this practice will develop an educational and preventive health practice in favor of humanization in waiting environments.

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